Addicted to Writing

I think I have a problem. I think that I am addicted to writing. Its a good problem to have really. I fear the day when my creative well runs dry.

It is a problem though. Today I accidentally wrote the first hundred plus words of a new story that has been running through my brain for the last few weeks. This week, I’ve been really excited because I’m finally nearing the end of the novel that I’m currently working on. I’ve passed the climax, and just have three or so more scenes left to go before I write the epilogue.

What I’ve been working on is the longest story that I’ve ever written. I stopped in the middle of writing another story so that I could get this one out. What I really need to be doing though is researching editors and revising the draft of another story that I want to get published.

Meanwhile, my writing addiction has got me started on a new story already. Its a problem.


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