I Watched Someone Die Today

I watched someone die today. I watched as again and again life went out and was miraculously returned. How many times did they die? Three? Five? More?

I watched someone die today, and I held back tears. Crowds gathered. Eyes stared. Hands rose in prayer. But we all die in the end, right?

I watched someone die today, and as my chest throbbed and my stomach squeezed, I held my child in my arms. I kissed a sweet forehead. Hugged and rocked a tiny body that held onto mine so tightly. I contemplated life and death and how precious every moment that we share on this earth is.

I just learned you might be a young man. My mind had raced to invent an older individual, perhaps with heart issues, who was at the center of everyone’s attention today. But young?

I don’t know your name. Perhaps I never will. But somebody loved you. I watched as, for a moment, perhaps more than an hour, you were loved by an entire community. People  sobbed and ached and fought for your life. Surely I am not the only one still thinking about you.

I watched someone die today, but each time their heart stopped, they were pulled back to life. And it is my hope, my sincerest hope, that they are still living.


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