A Published Author

Last year I wrote a short story entitled “Woodbine.” It is a feminist tale, full of subtle allusions and magic. The story was accepted into The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writers’ Guild anthology Depths of Love, and will be published tomorrow by Cloaked Press. I am beyond thrilled for this story to be out in the… Read More A Published Author


March Recap

The second half of March was awesome! Spring officially happened, my allergies went away, I won FOUR free books through Goodreads giveaways, and I finished my manuscript! First, if you’re on Goodreads, check out their giveaway section and make sure to scan through the Kindle Giveaways if you have a kindle (Browse>Giveaways> [dropdown box] Filter by>Kindle Giveaways). All… Read More March Recap


I gave myself a challenge Saturday evening. Write 10,000 words for my current work in progress by tonight. Well, I didn’t write 10k words. I wrote 15k! I met my 10k goal a day and a half early and kept going. I have the next chapter worked out in my head already, but I haven’t… Read More Goals