IMG_8084 (1)R.Q. Woodward is a writer. She has written full length manuscripts, short stories, poems, and lyrics, but she mostly devotes her time to manuscripts and lyrics these days. Her eventual aim is to get them published, if she can stop working on her new ideas long enough to edit and find an agent!

She studied religion, French, and business in college before earning degrees in Sign Language Interpreting and History. She has always had a passion for languages, reading, and creative outlets in general. Aside from being a writer, R.Q. is also a painter, seamstress, artist, and baker. She is not ashamed to admit that baking and decorating gorgeous specialty cupcakes has often satisfied her need for a creative outlet.

From an early age, R.Q. knew that she did not want painting or 3D design to be a part of her profession. She preferred to give her paintings away rather than to sell them. She pursued designing, manufacturing, and selling purses and bags for a time, but never expected it to be more than a hobby.

R.Q. picked up the pen more seriously in her latter years of college. The more she wrote, the more she shared her words. She printed short stories for her friends to read and gave her lyrics to musicians who turned them into songs.

When she finally sat down to write her first full-length novel, she knew right away that she would have to publish it. She was hooked from the start. More novels and more ideas were quick to follow, and unlike the cupcakes that she bakes, R.Q. wants to share them.