Proofreading Services

I offer proofreading services to correct spelling, punctuation, syntax, and grammar errors in previously edited works. Works do not need to be professionally edited in order for me to proofread them. If I notice any content errors, repetitive language, unclear syntax, or other inconsistencies that were missed during the editing phase, I will point them out as well.

I charge $5 per every 2,500 words, rounded up. I am more than happy to proofread manuscripts incrementally so the author can get a better feel for the services I provide.

Payment must be made through pay pal and is due upon receipt.

My services can additionally be used for beta reading if desired. I will gladly answer any questions the author has about content, flow, characterization, etcetera for no extra charge.



“Robin did an amazing job of catching numerous errors in my manuscript I’d previously missed. She clearly and concisely was able to point out issues I’d previously overlooked (despite previous edits). Even better, she was able to help me pinpoint story issues that I’d previously struggled to identify. She’s a true professional and gives excellent proof- and beta-reading.”

 – S.E. Drummond