Choosing a title for your novel

Yesterday, I thought I had finally chosen a great title for one of my novels. Then, I did some research, reading the advice that google sent my way. Now, I’m not so sure that the title that I had chosen is right.

Here are some pieces of advice, in no particular order, that I found most helpful today:

  1. Make a list of five different options, and see which one stands out. Ask the people who have read your book for their opinions about your list.
  2. Let your title have more than one meaning. The meaning might take on new layers after the book is read. Or, the title’s meaning could even change several times during a read through of your book. (I love this idea, but it seems like a difficult feat to accomplish)
  3. Keep it simple enough that people can say it and remember it, but don’t let it be too generic, commonplace, or boring. (Because asking for the world just isn’t enough)
    1. If you’re using proper nouns, people or places (like I wanted to), make sure that they are easily pronounceable.
    2. Don’t get too unique, and overwhelm readers with a long title that they won’t remember correctly.

Here is a link to a very comprehensive page about naming books that I didn’t even bother to include in the above summary because its so good that it deserves to be read in its entirety:

I’ll probably write more on this subject later. I recommend using specific searches like “naming your fantasy novel” though. A lot of the first few pages that I scanned through included tips for authors of non-fiction, which was completely irrelevant to me.


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