I gave myself a challenge Saturday evening. Write 10,000 words for my current work in progress by tonight. Well, I didn’t write 10k words. I wrote 15k! I met my 10k goal a day and a half early and kept going.


I have the next chapter worked out in my head already, but I haven’t had time to write it. My sister is flying in today. That’s the reason I set my goal in the first place. I doubt I’ll get much writing done over the next week because I’ll be too busy baking cupcakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. Don’t worry I’ll post pics on Instagram if you’re into drooling on your phone/computer screen.

In the realm of reading, I’m excited about two specific books in March. Both are the third in a trilogy. First is End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days #3) by Susan Ee. I was unsure about the series from the description, but book one really grew on me. Book two swept me off my feet.

Later this month, I’ll be reading The First City (The Dominion Trilogy #3) by Joe Hart (releases March 28th). I am INCREDIBLY excited about this book! I’m going to read the first two books in the series again because I loved them. Hart’s writing style is flawless. I search and search his books for repetitive language, poorly constructed lines, typos, or any problem whatsoever, but I never find a single flaw. All I find is well thought out lines that flow seamlessly off the page. I read The River is Dark by him in January, which is a horror/thriller. I don’t read horror. I don’t plan to ever get into the genre, but I will absolutely read every single one of Hart’s books, horror or not. He’s that good of an author: captivating, entertaining, and dynamic.

I’d like to finish my current manuscript in March, which is doable if I focus and avoid reading too many extra books than the four I have planned. I’ve already started outlining my next manuscript which I’m really excited about it. But now I’m probably getting ahead of myself…

8 thoughts on “Goals

    1. Hopefully you’ll like them! It makes me nervous that you’ll (people will) think I’m a weirdo or something because of the books I’ve recommended lately. In the end, I decided it’s better to mention good authors than not to. I don’t love the books because of the subject matter (which is the reason behind potentially being embarrassed about them). I love the books because of how well crafted they are.


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