The End of February

And then I realized it was the end of February and I needed to get my life together. I’ve been reading way too many books lately and not writing nearly enough. Okay, so I don’t actually mind about reading a lot of books. Books are good.

I need to finish my flipping work in progress though. Knowing I’m capable of writing 60k words in three weeks sure makes 31k words in a little over a month look like piss poor progress. I know I’m being hard on myself, but I need to be. Positives of my abysmal progress so far: I’ve been editing my WIP as I go to make my first draft as polished as possible; I’ve enjoyed my relaxed pace; I’ve really enjoyed reading lots of books (See What Reading can Teach you about Writing and Wisdom from Good and Bad Books).

But it’s the end of February. I don’t want to be working on this same manuscript for all of March. I have other projects itching to get out. So I’m setting a goal for myself. 10k words in 4 days, starting NOW. I’ll let you know if/when I accomplish it.

8 thoughts on “The End of February

  1. Keep going! You are singing my song. I worked so hard on my manuscript in January that I have spent a lot of February reading other things and editing at a snail’s pace. I have never thrown myself into something as much as I have thrown myself into this novel, but I have got to keep at it. We can both do this, and have a great March!

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