Current WIP Update

In honor of wanting to post at least one blog a week in 2017, here is a quick update on my current work in progress.

Today I wrote 2,538 words. One chapter. I’ve been writing a chapter at a time, going back to edit it, sending it off to my writing buddy for more edits, reviewing those edits, sending it to my sister, and maybe getting one comment back from her other than “More!”

It’s been really fun. Total, I’ve got 17,685 words written.

I’m really proud of what I wrote today. I think and hope I got a lot of meaningful/poignant/beautiful lines written because of the subject matter, but I’ll decide for sure when I go back and edit it 😀

I’ve enjoyed taking it slow and editing as I go. I’m hoping that it will make editing the manuscript as a whole go much faster once it’s complete. I’ll let you know.

This is also the first project I’ve really worked in depth with on with my writing buddy. We both shared our complete story ideas with each other and worked through the parts we were each uncertain about before we ever got started. The brainstorming, character naming and development, and such lasted over a week, maybe two. We both ended up being able to start writing on the same day and have been making steady progress ever since.

Every few days, one or the other of us comes up with a problem or a question in editing that we discuss at length (I’m editing/beta reading one scene at a time for her too!), and it’s been amazing to have that support and a bouncing board for ideas throughout the process!

I highly recommend a writing buddy!


7 thoughts on “Current WIP Update

    1. Yeah! I hesitate to call us critique partners, because I feel like the whole thing is much more uplifting and encouraging in nature. I need to build up a more stringent critiquing group too though. I hope you and I can trade reads on our manuscripts one day!

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      1. I would love to swap crits or beta reads with you at some point! I’m not ready for help yet, but let me know if there’s anything you want me to look at. (Though I should warn you I don’t hold back. 🙂 )

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