Galvanizing Excerpts – Thrawn

I have to share this amazing excerpt from Thrawn by Timothy Zahn. It makes me want to ponder, discuss, and write! Whether you use it as a writing prompt or a conversation starter, I hope you enjoy:

An enemy will almost never be anything except an enemy. All one can do with an enemy is defeat him. But an adversary can sometimes become an ally. There is a cost of course.

In all things in life there is a cost.

In dealing with an adversary, sometimes the cost is paid in power or position. Sometimes it is paid in pride or prestige. Sometimes the cost is greater. Sometimes, the risk is one’s future or even one’s life. But in all such situations, the calculation is straight forward, whether or not the potential gain is worth the potential loss. And the warrior must never forget that he and his adversary are not the only ones in that equation. Sometimes all the universe may hang in the balance.

My musings:

I want to write a story with an adversary instead of a villain. I want to read this excerpt over and over again as I come up with ideas. I love the balancing act of a protagonist having to compromise (perhaps on their morals) in order to ally with an adversary, only to then work against that adversary once the larger evil is defeated. I see a lot of potential here.

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