My Untitled Rewrite

I’ve been slacking off in the blogging realm lately. I have tons of things I want to say, but I just haven’t had the time to write it. I plan to post a book review early next week for an ARC I’m reading, so this post will be devoted to an update on what I’m currently writing.

The untitled project that I’m incredibly excited about and currently in love with

Early this month, I started rewriting an 180k word YA manuscript that I completed last year. I’m trying to slim it down and improve it, while also changing it to first person present tense.

When I can’t think of titles for my manuscripts before I start them (create their files), I name them after my main characters. This manuscript had been titled “Sage Living.” Har har. Go ahead and laugh. I know I’m an idiot. I have a wonderful cheesy streak in me that loves to try to embarrass me sometimes. Obviously, I changed my MC’s last name for this draft. I’m not entirely sure I like her new last name though, and in any case, her name really is a terrible working title for this book.

Titles aside, I’m incredibly excited about this story! Yesterday, I was working on a heartfelt scene that had me mopey and sad most of the day. I’ve also got humorous scenes in it that I love.


The story is a coming of age story of sorts, with magic, that takes place in the modern world. I don’t really want to say much more. I’m very secretive about my projects. Sharing that snippet of a scene on Instagram was a first for me.

really believe in this story. It’s weird to feel so passionately about it when I haven’t even completed this draft. But I know it’s a good story. It isn’t at its best yet. I’m still working on that. But I really think, hope, that it could be published someday.

So back to writing for me! I won’t be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, which saddens me, but I will be writing all month! My goal is more about quality than speed right now. I’ve already written this story once. Now, I need to improve it, tighten it up, and fill it full of gut punches.


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