I Write Lyrics

I don’t consider myself a poet. Poetry is tough to write. I’ve written poetry over the years though, and in high school I started writing lyrics. Stuff like “I Love Mayonnaise” because I was into cheesy punk music at the time.

Sometime between 2010 and 2012, on a road trip from Texas to Arizona to visit my family, I wrote a song. The lyrics to a song. I had created ‘Texas,’ ‘New Mexico,’ and ‘Arizona’ playlists for us, consisting of appropriate music from artists like Marty Robbins, Ronnie Hawkins, and Roger Miller. To be specific, I had recently discovered Marty Robbins and wrote an ode in honor of his storytelling style.

“The Knife Pierced My Chest” was born. Later, I’m not sure how long later, my husband brought my lyrics to the guitarist of the band he was playing with, Lucas Kelm. Lucas had been writing a song but didn’t have lyrics for it yet. My lyrics fit perfectly. He then brought the ballad to the rest of the band to make it one of their own, and the song became “The Man with No Name.” The song was played live, full-band by Lucas for Sheriff or as a solo acoustic piece by Lucas Kelm. A few months later, I handed them the lyrics to “Barman” which they also turned into a song!

Life happened. Lucas and the band slowly stopped playing shows. My husband and I had two kids. Then recently, Lucas started playing again. Just this month, he found some lyrics I had previously given him, and he turned them into a song! I heard it for the first time last night, and I absolutely adore it! Here is “Carried My Love” a brand new song by Lucas Kelm with lyrics written by yours truly.


8 thoughts on “I Write Lyrics

      1. True, that is a distinct difference, but don’t sell yourself short. You might not be as “fancy” as some poems, but a good set of lyrics can be equally moving (and you’ve got some great phrases in there).

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