Loving my Distractions

Maybe I’ve been lazy lately. Maybe I’m taking a much needed break from editing. Here is a quick update on what I’ve been up to recently:

  1. I read two books. One of them was The Last Trade by Joe Hart, which I give FIVE stars. It is a fast-paced action thriller with a tough and awesome female protagonist. The second in a trilogy, I was surprised to like it even more than the first book, The Last Girl, which I reviewed earlier this year.
  2. I beta read for author Niels Saunders. It was a fascinating experience. I understand now what MY beta readers are thinking when they write comments/make suggestions on my manuscript. For example when they ask a question, it isn’t because they merely want to know. They are hinting at, ‘put a reminder in’ or ‘you should have explained this better.’ I strongly recommend that every writer who uses beta readers/alpha readers should read another author’s manuscript in the same way to better understand the process. You’ll be able to decipher the feedback you receive much more easily if you do.
  3. I’ve been catching up on all the Fallout 4 I’ve been missing this summer. Fallout 3 was my favorite game for YEARS. I hated Fallout New Vegas, though I did play it several times. Fallout 4 is indescribably prefect. I think it’s because I love 1950’s aspect. I’m really not sure. Maybe it’s the post-nuclear fallout aspect I love. Currently, I’m questing in Nuka World.
  4. My sister surprise-visited from out of state! It was a short visit, but all the more reason why she soaked up ALL of my attention while she was here.
  5. I got Snapchat.
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  6. I started watching [REDACTED], and I am currently only in season two SO IF YOU TELL ME SPOILERS I WILL SEND YOU TO THE [REDACTED]!
  7. I’ve been bakingImage-1.jpg

That’s what I’ve been doing. At first I was giving my beta readers time to read my manuscript, but now I’m just enjoying tv and video games I think. It would be easier to start writing again if I let myself start a new story, but I’m committed to finalizing the manuscript that I want to publish. Meaning, that I’m probably going to keep playing video games,  snapchating, eating sweets, and watching Netflix and HBO.

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