Back up your files

Duh, right? A 1 TB external storage device has been sitting right beside my computer for over a year, but I never bothered to plug it in.

Today, my computer froze up. I shut it down. It wouldn’t come back on. PANIC. I decided to give it the day. I know that I can take it to a data recovery place, so I wasn’t too freaked out. But still! It was slightly terrifying. In a hideously foul mood, I went to clean the bathroom. I scrubbed, praying the entire time that my computer would come back on so that I could do a backup.

Ta-Da! When I came back from cleaning to try to turn it on again, it was already on. Weird, but awesome. I’m going to sit here in front of the computer for the next FOUR straight hours while it completes its backup.

My advice: just do the stupid backups like you know you should.

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