Music: Emma Louise

Emma Louise has a new album out: SUPERCRY. I love her first album vs. Head vs. Heart. I can literally listen to it over and over again all day. It’s subtle and unimposing, but also catchy and makes you want to sing along. SUPERCRY promises to be just as awesome.

supercryI have to recommend both albums to anyone who has never listened to the Australian artist. Emma Louise’s music is very chill. Plan to listen to it loud, and make sure to give it a chance. If nothing else, watch her music videos so that you can hear her top jams.

So far from SUPERCRY my favorite songs are “All We Ask Is Time,” “Talk Baby Talk, “Underflow,” “Illuminate,” and “I Thought I Was a Ship.” I just started listening to SUPERCRY today, by the way. I’ll probably love the entire album, and know it all by heart by this time next week.

From vs. Head vs. Heart it would almost be easier to list the songs that aren’t my favorites, but that would be silly. “17 Hours,” “Atlas Eyes,” “Boy,” “Stainache,” “Mirrors,” Freedom,” Jungle,” Pontoon,” and “To Keep Me Warm” are all killer songs from her debut album.

The songs above that are bold have music videos that you can watch here.

cover_itunesFor me, Emma Louise is great to listen to all of the time. It’s great for sunshine or rain, happy moods or sad. It is a perfect choice for when you are feeling stressed, and need something that won’t fritz your nerves. I also love to put it on repeat while I’m working on a project like cooking or painting, something that will take a while.

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