Time to Edit. Seriously.


Okay, I’ve been putting it off long enough. It’s time for me to sit down with my first novel and edit it, again. I finished my time travel novel today, and while I’m glad of the accomplishment, I’m mostly nervous/anxious about finally running out of excuses for not focusing on self-publishing.

It’s weird. I daydream all the time about having tons of my books available on Amazon. I can’t wait for it to happen. But it’s this in between stage, this uncertainty about how to proceed on my own that’s wrecking me.

I had planned to hire an editor, but lately I’ve been reading all these articles about being wary of editors (because they charge too much and might just run your manuscript through an editing program to do the work for them). I’ve found loads of articles that recommend doing all the edits yourself/with the help of people you know. I understand all the arguments for that, but it makes me NERVOUS.

So, I’m sort of in a weird place. I know that I am going to work on naming my novel(s), and that I’m going to do some editing. That will keep me busy for at least two weeks I think. But then what? Should I still search for an editor? Keep editing and revising on my own with the help of family and friends? Hide in a closet until the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes? All good questions that deserve to be answered.


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