Time Travel Headaches

Reading a story about time travel and writing a story about time travel are completely different things. Yesterday, I was in LOVE with my time travel story because I was reading and editing it. Today, I have a headache, a very big time travel headache.

I’m not confused about when things happen in my story…not yet. Its all the science bits that are frustrating me today. Mainly, how do you insert those nerdy explanations and state the time travel laws that your heroes will adhere to without sounding like a boring textbook or going over your readers’ heads?

It’s a little more complicated than I expected, this whole time travel writing thing. It leaves me with a slightly upset stomach. I don’t even want to re-read the explanations that I wrote today (the science bits) because I’m positive I’ll hate them. I’ll probably want to change them. I probably need to change them. And there’s the headache again. Ah, the woes of writing science fiction!

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