Turning stepping stones into hurdles

I started writing again today. Meaning that, rather than a few words here and there, it was an all day activity. I’ve taken the better part of the last three days off to read two books and hang out with family. In those few short days I managed to scare myself into thinking that the next chapter that I needed to write was too big and scary for me to actually work through.

I happened to pause at a major turning point in the novel that I’m working on. It was somewhat intentional, a reading break before I moved on to new, tougher, ground. What I didn’t mean to do was to make it into an opportunity for self-doubt.

During the short break, my excitement quickly turned into anxiety over the change that I needed to convey in my story. Instead of dreaming about the possibilities, and creating eloquent lines in my head while being away from the computer, I let a small challenge turn into an insurmountable wall in my mind. Okay, ‘insurmountable wall’ sounds more dramatic than it actually was. I definitely was able to work through the invisible barrier that I had created for myself today.

Point being, sometimes its easy to turn things that can, and should, be stepping stones  into hurdles. No matter what we are working toward, this can happen fairly easily. I think its in our nature to feel scared and intimidated by things when we don’t need to be. That doesn’t mean that we have to let those feelings win though.

And now for the cheesy bit…

You can do it! Even if your hurdle is an actual hurdle, something that will require effort to get over, it is still just a hurdle. People jump hurdles all the time. I can’t really – in real life I mean. I’m short and hurdles are flipping high. But metaphorically, I’m practically in the olympics, as we all should be (metaphorically again).

We shouldn’t stand still or cower in the face of challenges, or hurdles. We should jump over them.

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