Wrapped up and let down

I got completely wrapped up in the book that I was reading today. I couldn’t put it down. I snacked on graham crackers and peanut butter for lunch, too busy reading to eat. I wouldn’t be writing this now if I hadn’t already finished the book. It got me good, and then it let me down.

I hated the ending. It was a major let down. It didn’t ruin the book or anything. There were plenty of hints to let the reader know what was coming. I still appreciate the rest of the book. I just hate the ending. It makes me feel like my enthusiasm was a waste of time.

This is why I don’t like tragedies. “…and then they all died. The End.” No thanks. “…and she never smiled again. The End.” That one actually makes me laugh. I’ll have to use that.

The remedy for my sadness over not having anymore of that book to read, and disliking what happened to the characters that I cared so much about? Immediately immerse myself in another book!

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