This post is for me, a reminder to listen to music more often. I love music, but I go on silent binges where I don’t listen to music for days, not even in the car. I consider it my thinking time. I get lost in my thoughts, writing. Music and lyrics would only distract me.

I tried listening to classical music for a time so that there wouldn’t be lyrics to distract me. I’m not really sure why I stopped. Silence is easier I suppose. Today I was listening to Adele’s 25. I loved how several of the songs could act as soundtracking for upcoming sections of the novel that I’m working on.

Music is amazing because a good song can alter your mood in seconds. When I’ve had to write sad scenes before, I’ve created playlists to help get me in the right mind set for sharing tears.

I’ve got to remember to listen to music more often. It can be so helpful, so relaxing. It can become the perfect soundtrack for my writing.

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