An experiment in Words

Where were we when we went walking that white winter, wandering wisp-like without worry?

Were we wandering through time? Wishing for a warmer future while wading through the past? Were we happy?

Was it a waking dream, shared between two lovers? Was that dreamy white winter real at all?

Or it is the cold that I remember? The beginning of the frost. The icy tendrils that creep over my spine every time you look at me.

When did you stop loving me? Was the winter wisp really your heart? Whisking away from me, from what we once shared?

Where were you when I went walking that white winter winter? Wheedling your way into someone else heart? Wishing that I would never return?

Is there truth in a memory? Can truth exist in something so easily changed? I remembered it differently then. I remember it differently now.

Will I remember the truth when I’m older, when I’m wise enough to wish that I’d never left you?

 – R.Q. Woodward, June 28, 2016


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