Never enough time

Lately I’ve been feeling like I have so many things that I want to do, and so many ways that I want to spend my time, that I can’t get it all done. We feel like that at certain times in our lives more than others, times when there are time constraints placed on us. School, work, childbearing and rearing, losing someone, these are all things that can make us feel like we are short on time.

Aside from wanting to spend all of my time enjoying my family, lately I’ve been juggling three or five different story ideas and my new found love for social media. I’m in the middle of writing a huge story involving teenagers and magic that I love, but I really need to work on editing ‘my mental breakdown’ as I termed it a few years ago so I can get it published. I was also thinking that I should compile a book of short stories to publish, and that I should start a periodical on this blog, because that would be so much fun. Imagine it with me, a few paragraphs released every Monday, Count of Monte Christo style, that leaves you dying to read more. Yeah, okay, maybe I’m not as brilliant as Alexandre Dumas. Maybe I’ll bide my time on that last one.

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