Searching for ways to vomit

As a writer, I find myself searching the internet for the most random information. I’ve done research into cliff diving, wrongful death lawsuits, and just now, vomiting. I’ll go ahead and reveal that the character in question likewise does an internet search because [the character] wants to appear to have the flu.

Whats even more fun than my browsing history, are the adds and products that pop up all over google and amazon because of what I’ve searched. Yesterday when I checked something on amazon, a nice chunk of the ‘recommendations for you’ were worms. Literally, worms. Live, squirming, worms. I was looking up buckets of worms a few days ago. I hopped from google shopping to bass pro shop to amazon comparing bucket sizes of chum and live worms. I didn’t think twice about it until an hour later when I first saw all the adds for worms. Thats one I hope that goes away soon. Although, maybe images of worms are the answer to my vomiting question…


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