I think I’d like to be…

I studied history. I mean I really studied history. I got two university degrees in the subject. One thing that always fascinated me was how people were described as being ‘a teacher,’ ‘a builder,’ ‘a brewer,’ as if that thing was all that they were in life. Read any biography, and you’ll find your subject’s parents or other relatives described in such a way. There may be a few words about their kind personality or their good looks, but in general all we read about is their profession.

I’ve gone through several different professional labels in my life. College Student. Sales Associate. Barista. Sign Language Interpreter. Administrative Assistant. Minister. Historian. Writer. Five of these things I have left behind. Now however, I think I would like to add ‘Author’ to my list. Technically, I suppose I can already, but I know it will feel more real once I can describe myself as a published author.

That is what I think I will work on next. Yes, I think I’d like to be a published author.


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